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A History of Write-Only Memory, Part 1

Write-only memory (WOM) was first explored by Signetics Corporation in 1972. The federal government has controlled all knowledge of write-only device technology since Professor Homberg T. Farnsfarfle's federally funded work in 1975 superceded Signetics' work.

Dr. Morris Breakthrough of SIgnetics stated on condition of anonymity, "We provided our only prototype to the Nixon White House, but they never returned it, claiming it failed after 18 1/2 minutes of use. Did I mention they never returned it? Our M.O.S. (Mendacious-Ostreperous Semiconductor) team was forced to present our design as an April Fool's joke, discrediting our work."

To date, the United States government denies the existence of any working write-only memory device.  But the truth is out there...


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